Sunday, December 29, 2013

Songs In the Pipeline

While sitting poolside watching my wife swim with five boys (brave woman!), I used my iPhone to complete the lyric to Can't Not Do It, using Evernote and RhymeFree, which is not as good as having my favorite rhyming dictionary, but it worked for this song.

Now I'm hacking away at an arrangement in GarageBand so that I can record the song, with luck before the end of the year. Meanwhile, I'm about halfway through the lyrics to Bad News Always Comes In the Mail, and I'm started another song called Living As If It Matters.

On the video front, I haven't really done much during the vacation period, and so I have a lot of catching up to do. As soon as children go back to school, I'll be writing my little heart out, creating some little videos I can animate during the cold winter, and some longer videos I can shoot when things start to thaw out a little.

I'll also be catching up on my writing for the rest of the Challenge. It's times like this that I appreciate networked computers, so that I can write from different locations in my house. As they say, a change is as good as a break.

So, at this point, as far behind as I am on everything except songwriting, it seems like a good time to throw up my hands and say "I can't really do this; what was I thinking?" After all, I don't have many readers or followers, who's going to care if I just don't finish this?

Well, me, of course. I care. And I'm going to keep it up until September 30th. If I don't make my goal, I'll still have created a ton of new work. As it is, I've written more songs in 2013, between the songwriting MOOC and the Challenge, than in the decade preceding.

And that, alone, makes it worthwhile.

Friday, December 13, 2013


It's very cold here in New Hampshire, unusually cold for mid-December. If this weather is any kind of preview of the winter to come, the months leading up to spring will involve less videography and more writing.

That doesn't mean that I'm giving up on releasing 52 videos by next September 30. On the contrary, I expect to have written a large number of video scripts that I can shoot when the warm weather returns. And I'll be emailing all of my actor friends to line up talent, so you don't have to settle for seeing my mug in every video for the whole year.

I won't be completely idle in the visual realm, either. It's just that the winter's line-up will include a lot more animation, things I can do hunkered down at my computer, near the heater.

Which is also where I record songs and write books and the screenplay, so look for progress on that front while I withdraw from the cold cruel worlds outside.

Not really; this is New England. Snow, ice, wind—it's all just part of life. Like waiting with the kids for the school bus while the temperatures hover in the mid-teens. Which reminds me: it's almost time for school.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Back From Vacation

I'm back fro California, ready to return to creating stuff. Not that I was completely idle on the trip—I managed to add to two of the songs I'm working on—but it was a flurry of visiting and sightseeing that left little time for any long-form writing or video other than home movies.

So, with a little time under my belt to recover from jet lag, I'm back to work.