Monday, March 10, 2014

Bamboozled By Five—Just a Little

I did a scratch vocal recording of I Jump last night. Nothing I can use, because there was too much background noise and my voice was tired. But my brain wasn't doing too badly. I have managed to get a handle on this 5/4 time signature and actually sing the song straight through.

But the song is much too short, and it needs some filling in on the instrumental side (and a new drum track). That's where I'll be spending some time with GarageBand this week, getting some good 5/4 instrumental fills in so that the song is longer than, say, 1:05.

It won't be anything earth-shattering on the arrangement end, but it need that kind of fleshing out to maintain a sense of pace and separation between the sections. Wish me luck. Especially because I don't want anything to sound as if I had just stolen it from Mission Impossible or Take Five (even though the influence will no doubt be inescapable).

Meanwhile, I am just a verse away from having all the lyrics for Nickeled and Dimed, and since that is a straight guitar-and-vocal kind of song, it might hit SoundCloud ahead of I Jump.

It's really funny how these things work out.

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