Monday, March 3, 2014


Still haven't recorded I Jump. Can't blame the kids today, and although my wife was home and we spent time away from home, I can't blame here either. It all comes down to discovering that when you write a song in an odd time signature, you really discover the limits of your skills as a vocalist.

I'm having trouble staying with the metronome, the bongo beat, the piano riff. I keep missing the downbeat because it's not where my limited musical experience expects it to be. But then, how many people have experience singing in 5/4?

I'm thinking that I need some kind of visual cue to help me out, but lacking a conductor, I think I might just have to muddle through.

I will try again tomorrow. And again and again. Until I get it right. Or at least as right as I am able.

And then sometime down the line, if I still like the song, I will arrange with a vocalist with much more skill than I have to record the song.

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