Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snow Joke

My wife left late for work today; it's just the way her schedule goes. My kids came home early from school because of predicted blizzard conditions for the afternoon. So I didn't get any recording done today.

It's hard to record with other people in the house. I'm a budding songwriter, not a professional musician, and I do not have a sound-proof space in my house. So I have to wait until I get some relatively noise-free time to do any recording.

The thing that kills me, though, is that the blizzard didn't arrive. The kids could have been in school until well into the afternoon, and I could have recorded Nickeled and Dimed, which now has a tune, and probably done the vocal track for I Jump, and then started working on the arrangement, of which much will be done with virtual instruments in GarageBand.

With my luck, at least as far as this Winter goes, the blizzard will still arrive, overnight, and the kids will have the entire day off tomorrow. I'll have to find them something quiet to do.

Having two songs that are basically ready to record has me champing at the bit. Hmm. Champing At the Bit. That has a nice ring. I wonder if anyone else has done a song with that title. Oh yeah, Every Time I Die did one. Oh well, I have enough ideas to work on without taking someone else's title.

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