Sunday, March 16, 2014

Upcoming Uploads

Now that the giveaway period for Royal Pines Estates is nearly over (what, you missed it? You should have followed me on Twitter), I can concentrate on the two songs that are nearly ready to upload. Actually, Nickeled and Dimed is ready to go, but I'm waiting until I Jump is done. I recorded vocals for it, with a bongo track (you'll see), and now I'm adding synth guitar and piano tracks, maybe a little strings.

So tomorrow, I think, I'll be uploading two more songs.

Got a lot of work to do on all the other aspects of the Challenge, but the songs at least are pretty close to the schedule. Hoping for a kick in the seat of the pants with the warmer weather to come, which I desperately need now that there are fewer than 200 days left to go.

I never liked those scenes in the movies where the bomb ticks down to literally the last second before it's disarmed. I just hope I don't end of living that scene in real life.

Or the other one. The one where the bomb goes off.

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