Friday, June 27, 2014

Calling It Off

For a few reasons, some of them personal and some of them practical, I'm calling off the Challenge. Note the changes in the blog and YouTube channel already; my SoundCloud and Twitter accounts and my main Web page will soon follow suit.

On the personal front, there are things happening in my family life that, while not necessarily bad, are very time-consuming, and have to take priority over the Challenge.

But while it feels strange to be giving up on something I've spent around 270 days keeping track of—though not keeping up with—it isn't bothering me as much as I though it would.

For me, the Challenge had two goals. One of them it has failed at, and another 95 days, no matter how hard I work, will not change that. That goal was to gain a following. As a gimmick for attracting a following, it did not work.

But the other goal of the Challenge was to get me back to being a full-time, year-round creator. And on that front it has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. I might not be making the numbers, but I have created some wonderful songs, and there are some written works in the works that I am very proud of.

It has been an eye-opener, too. I am not as productive when doing post-production on video as I am doing all the phases of songwriting and publishing. I could take that as a sign to more-or-less give up doing video, but I like the results so much that it seems more likely that I will change my approach and probably join up with someone who is better at post that I am.

I'm also finding that trying to make numbers is distracting me from creating good work, not only for the Challenge, but for my clients as well. And so I'm shifting gears and, although I always cared about quality, I am concentrating on it instead of (though not to the exclusion of—a guy's got to make a living) quantity.

But even with the Challenge cancelled, I hope that those few of you who have followed me and kept track of my exploits will continue to do so. There may not be a definite deadline, but there is still a lot of cool stuff coming down the pike.

Because I'm still creating, 52 weeks out of every year.

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