Monday, June 30, 2014

Equipment Failure

Tonight I went to record a voiceover gig, and discovered that my trusty Zoom H2 was dead. Wouldn't power up with batteries, A/C, or USB. I shouldn't be completely surprised, I guess; I've been using the little portable recorder for many years now with nary a hitch, and nothing lasts forever.

But the timing was sure horrible. I don't currently have the money to replace it, and although I have a good microphone, the USB interface that I have doesn't work with my new computer. And so I find myself hauling out all kinds of old equipment and going back to my Mac Mini G4 running Tiger.

It works alright, but I have to go back to an old version of GarageBand (so old it only exports to iTunes), and I can't use my favorite, simple software, ocenaudio (although I can use it to edit and convert, thanks to the magic of networked computers).

I do love the sound of the microphone, a relatively inexpensive large-diaphragm condenser by MXL. But I wish I could upgrade my interface so that I can use it with my latest software and computer. But if I do that, I won't be able to replace the H2, which is my go-to field recorder that gives me such good sound on my videos.

I feel lost, and I feel like I've lost an old friend.

At least now, though, finally having hooked up my old audio interface, I can try out some of the microphones I have lying around to see what I think about them. I'll be able to pare down, but I also might find a few forgotten gems.

With any luck, you'll get the hear some of the results the next time I record one of my songs.

However I end up doing that.

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