Friday, June 13, 2014

Poised and Paused

I'm paused this week because my creative project during my wife's vacation is her camping trailer, the Lady-Bugout. I am applying my meager carpentry skills at her behest, and along with paid voice work and rehearsing for the theater, I'm not left much time for my own personal work.

But the vacation is coming to a close, and I have several irons already in the fire, so you should be seeing several new works popping up in the next couple of weeks.

I am also continuing the process of simplifying my online life, and I will soon be moving one of my Google accounts, the one that this blog officially connects to, into the one that I use for the Challenge. So YouTube videos and ads on my site and blog may come and go erratically for a few days after I start the process.

This blog should stay pretty much the way it is, except that a new profile will appear once I make the final transition.

Thanks for sticking with me. I don't know if I'll make my numbers when I reach the end of this self-imposed deadline, but I hope I'm created a lot of work that you enjoy.

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