Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sliding Back Into It

Now that the vacation is over, I'm trying to shift gears from carpentry to writing, video, and song. It's not easy, especially because I still have carpentry assignments in my planner, something on the order of making sawdust while the sun shines, especially because Spring took it's sweet time getting here in the Northeast.

Yesterday I filled in the last few lines for my latest song, I Guess I'll Learn To Live Without You, and this evening while washing dishes, the tune popped into my head. I made a quick scratch recording using my iPhone (not GarageBand, just Voice Memo—I like to keep things simple) so that I wouldn't lose the tune.

And after uploading it to iTunes and having another listen, I find that I still quite like it. So, a better demo recording is coming soon, perhaps tomorrow. Meanwhile, on to more lyrics, for a song that I am trying to do without rhymes, and a new short story.

Being very bad about editing video, which is ridiculous, because I have a lot of footage. I might be dumping five or six videos into the playlist all at once next week. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I keep plugging away. Although the numbers seem increasingly impossible, the exercise is doing me a world of good, and helping me sort out what I want to spend my time going after the 52-Week Challenge is over.

And the Rest-Of-My-Life Challenge starts.

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