Monday, July 28, 2014

A Couple More Lessons About Fiverr

With a little more experience doing voiceover on Fiverr, I can add a little advice:

7. Don’t rely on the rating system to get your gig seen. Fiverr has recently switched to a five-star rating system instead of the usual thumbs-up or thumbs-down system. People who give you four stars think they are giving you a really good rating, but the less-than-perfect rating can knock you out of the first search page unless your gig is unusual enough to be included with a small number of search results.

8. Give yourself enough lead time. Fiverr orders come in out of the blue. They’re not scheduled like most freelance work. So make sure your standard lead time gives you plenty of time to fit a quick job into your schedule (and maybe, if your lucky, get some other jobs to gang it up with), and if you offer fast turnaround, make sure it’s not a big strain to make it happen. See number five in my earlier post (and, as it turns out, $20 is the most you can charge for fast delivery). Though I used to offer a three-day turnaround and one-day service for only $5, I now promise a five-day lead time with two-day service for $20. Since I made that change, I still get orders, but no one has ordered the faster delivery, and that’s fine with me.

So far, I’m still staying with Fiverr. It’s not making me a lot of money overall, but when a job comes in, with my microphone already set up, it’s a reasonable to good hourly rate. And sometimes the work is even fun.

And besides, I am building up a portfolio.

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