Thursday, July 31, 2014

Latest Short Story

See, even while struggling to make my way on Fiverr and studying programming and music theory and taking care of all those other things in my life, I'm still writing. The latest release is a cute little story about a guy who is having a bad day with doors.

This one is available now on Kindle for a buck (click the image above). It will be free for a few days in the near future, along with some of my other short stories, but to find out when you'll have to follow me on Twitter. Or check in on the Amazon page day after day. It's easier to follow me, really, and I won't flood your feed with Tweets because I'm too busy writing.

After I've finished a few more of these short stories, I plan to offer them in an anthology, so that anyone interested in reading them all can save a little money.

I'm working on some videos and a book right now, plus a song or three, so I don't know when the next story will some. Probably it will just tap me on the shoulder and say "You have to write me now."

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