Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love/Hate Relationship With a Mic

Today I did my first voiceover recording session with my MXL microphone. I had forgotten how wide the frequency response of this mic is, how transparent the sound, how clean.

I had also forgotten how damn sensitive it is. I had to close windows and shut off fans all over the house, and I still had to filter out the low hum from my old computer (a sound which my new computer doesn't make, damn it—although I blame that on Tascam, who stopped supporting my old audio interface for new operating systems), and even a little bit of noise from my monitor.

It's amazing how noisy a home studio can be, in ways you just don't hear unless you play it back through headphones. Refrigerators on another floor, breezes from outside (I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow for my next recording session), road noise. Ceiling fans! Good grief, I had to shut off the ceiling fans on the floor below because the vibration comes right up through the floor, through the mic stand, and even through the shock mount, and winds up on the audio track.

What I wouldn't give for a nice sound-proof booth. Maybe one day.

But for now, at least the death of my H2 hasn't put me out of the voiceover and song recording business.

Video shooting, though, is going to be quite another matter. That, I have to work on.

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