Friday, July 18, 2014


It's been quiet here on the blog, and on SoundCloud, and Twitter, and YouTube, for the last couple of weeks. Mostly because it hasn't been quiet here at home. I've been working hard running up to six shows on the stage in Pittsfield, NH, and I'm only halfway through. And I'm taking two online courses simultaneously.

And, of course, this being summer, there are activities with kids and construction projects on the house. So, no quiet time for me.

And I have continued creating, behind the scenes. I'm writing a short story. I'm working on a song I thought was finished until my sense of structure tapped me on the back of the head and said "you need a second bridge before the last verse." Sigh.

I've been very lax about editing video, but I do have footage to edit, for my channel and for my family's channels.

So there will be some activity online from me soon. But certainly not until after my next three shows.

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