Friday, September 12, 2014

The Book I’m Not Going To Write

I had started a book entitled How To Make Videos That Don’t Suck, and had gotten as far as the outline, when I did a little search for books with a similar title. And what did I find? How To Shoot Video That Doesn't Suckby Steve Stockman. Well, there goes that title.

And, actually, there goes that outline, because he has covered a lot of the topics I was going to cover, and done them very well from what I’ve read so far. Does this mean I’ve given up on writing a how-to book for YouTubers? No, not really. I think I can contribute some different perspectives that Mr. Stockman’s book doesn’t cover if I think about it enough.

But meanwhile, while I’m cooking my idea, if you want your online video not to suck, I’d recommend taking a look at Mr. Stockman’s book.

It’s the one I should have written a long time ago. I’m glad that someone did.

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