Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scaling Back

I’ve bowed out of the Jazz Improvisation course on Coursera, because I’ve discovered that my music-reading skills are not developed enough to keep up without spending far more time than I have available each week, especially while I’m taking another round of Songwriting. And, of course, trying to keep up on all my other writing.

I’m scaling back on that too. Not that I have fewer projects in queue, but that I intend to pay less attention to some and more to others. I think it will help me concentrate better and that the end result will be more and better writing in the long run. Even after scaling back, I have a lot of things going at once: a song (other than my class projects), a novel, a short story, a screenplay, and a video. And I’m planning to spend some time making new recordings of my old songs, and maybe some better recordings of my recent songs.

So I’m not being lazy. Just smart. I hope.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I haven't made much progress since last month. I have started a new song, but it hasn't gotten very far, and my stories are just sitting around waiting for me. I plead illness and sleep deprivation. But I need to clear my head this weekend, somehow, because I'm starting two online classes on Monday, and though songwriting won't tax me too much for the first couple of weeks, the jazz improvisation course is going to be a challenge from the start.

Deadlines can be a wonderful thing, though it's hard to feel that way when I'm sick. When I do feel a little more intelligent, though, I have a nice long list of projects to work on, so I won't have the excuse of running out of ideas.

All I need is some sleep. Wish me luck.