Saturday, November 22, 2014

Holiday Break

Taking time away from writing for a few days to get ready for family travel over the holiday weekend. I need to concentrate on packing, preparing entertainment for kids for the long car ride, and preparing whatever food we're bringing along with us.

I won't really be taking a break from writing, of course. I may not be sitting down at the keyboard for my usual writing sessions every day, but so much writing goes on in my head that it's never accurate to say I've stopped writing. An idea for a scene here, a line for a song there—they just pop up without warning while I'm doing something else entirely.

Those are the times when I really appreciate modern technology. Instead of writing these ideas down on scraps of paper that I will inevitably lose, I can whip out my phone and put them in Evernote, where they are available to me later from my computer, tablet, or phone.

This is how I keep notes for new song ideas, too, and the list is growing longer every week. I have ideas than I will ever develop into finished songs, which is how it should be. I never have the excuse that I don't have any ideas.

Choosing among them, however, is another matter entirely.

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