Friday, November 21, 2014

Moving Ahead

I know I’m not really finished with The Kids Are Gone, but I’m not going to try to finish it now, expect for some minor phrasing changes in the recording, part of the assignment for the last week of my songwriting class. But I’m too close to the song now, and I like it the way it is. I know it needs some extra lines in the bridge, some rearranging, and some work on the chords, but it’s my baby right now, and I need to get some distance.

Meanwhile, I think I created a good start in She Works So Hard, and that’s running around in my head now, so I think I’ll try working on that one. Not to say that some idea may not slip in for The Kids Are Gone, or one of the other two songs I started working on, though. Sometimes it just happens.

Usually while I’m either driving or sleeping.

I haven’t abandoned my other writing, either. I’m working on a short story and a book. On the other hand, I’m not working on any movies right now, but maybe when the winter routine sets in and I’m pretty much trapped in the house except when I go out to shovel snow, I might be able to make substantial headway on movie projects.

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