Sunday, November 16, 2014


I love it when a song speaks to me. When the Kids Are Gone is so relevant to my life right now, even though I still have about seven years to go before I’m an empty-nester, and my eldest is a boomerang kid, there’s something about the topic that hits me where I live.

Most of the time when I write, I lay the entire song out in prose, with approximately one line of prose eventually corresponding to one song line. Then I get out my thesaurus and my rhyming dictionary to convert those thoughts into, I hope, good lyrics. I don’t always have the tune set before I start, but there is at least a beat, and of course once the line lengths are established for the first verse (or, at least, the first one I write, which isn’t always the first one in the song), that gives me the pattern for the second verse.

That’s where I am now, except that for this song, the chorus came to me in a matter of minutes while I was driving into town to do my laundry (our washing machine is broken). Tune and all. It happens sometimes, and it’s usually a good sign.

So now on the the verses. Something sweet and sentimental. Something to bring a tear to my eye.

Maybe. Or maybe this song means something else. We’ll see.

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