Monday, March 30, 2015

Spreading My Wings

I'm venturing out into some new social media venues, starting with ReverbNation, where I've now uploaded two of my songs. I've yet to decide how ReverbNation and SoundCloud are going to work together for promoting and sharing my music, so things are bound to change radically and frequently as I explore.

I'm spending a lot of time working on my new Website version, which I don't think will be quite ready for April 1, but should arrive about a week or so in (I'll be traveling over the Easter weekend to be with family, which slows the writing process a bit). That will help me correct a couple of broken links in addition to expanding the amount of information available in the site.

And, of course, I'm still writing. Two songs in active development now, the novel (for some time to come), and a new short story I'm just getting started on.

So stick with me. Good stuff coming soon!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Here it is, the first full day of Spring. The ice here in New Hampshire is just beginning to melt, and I'm finally thawing out myself. The husky cough is almost gone, and I've started exercising my voice again. I expect that I will soon be recording the complete lyrics to When the Kids Are Gone.

And, of course, there are other projects in the works. I'm concentrating a lot of attention on my novel for young people, the first in a series of an indeterminate number of parts. And I'm working harder on my songs.

I'm also working harder on recording my songs. I'm in the process of setting up a better studio space, including a quieter, deader place to record vocals and acoustic guitar. And, as I mentioned last time, I have my new DAW to work with.

I'm planning on putting out an album, simply produced, of my recent songs, and making them available as both CD and downloads. If I get a good response from that, I may set up a crowd funding project for a more ambitious recording project. More about that if it starts looking viable.

And there will soon be more places to find me; I'll be trying out some of the other social media and music hosting sites to see if they actually increase my exposure enough to pay back the time I will need to invest in them. Stay tuned here for links.

One more thing before I retire for the night: there will be a new version of my Website launched before then end of the month. Also simply produced, but I hope more useful than the current version.

I'm excited about all the changes, and I hope the changes will give more people a chance to be excited about my work.

Monday, March 9, 2015


While I was taking an online course entitled Survey Of Music Technology, I downloaded an evaluation copy of the digital audio workstation called Reaper as part of the course. I used it during the course, and found it to be exceptionally versatile, especially combined with Georgia Tech's development engine known as Earsketch.

But after the class was over, and I was onto my old songwriting ways, I sort of forgot about Reaper, relying for my down-and-dirty demo recordings for ocenaudio and Garage Band.

But now I'm trying to record more sophisticated demos, and I decided I needed to step up my game a little, so I went ahead a bought a license for Reaper. Which is really cheap. Unless you are a professional studio, the license is only $60. That's the best creative bargain I've seen since Apple Motion.

And aside from being a great DAW, combined with Earsketch it's also an amazing tool for experimenting with algorithmic composition and the incorporation of normally non-musical sounds into my work. And listening to some of the assignments I did for the Music Tech class, I'm very much looking forward to getting back into that.

Just as a sample of what I'm talking about, here are two things I created while learning to use Reaper and Earsketch:

Not much like my usual songwriting, I know. But that's more or less the point: to break me out of old habits and shake up my creativity a little. Or a lot.

As an aside, I haven't recorded anything new in a long time—even the finished version of When the Kids Are Gone—because I've been sick with a very husky cough. It's not even that my voice sounds that bad; it's just that I can't get through more than a few lines without coughing.

But Spring is coming fast to New Hampshire, and I expect to shake the cough very soon. And then I'll be spending a lot of time in front of the microphone. And with my new DAW.