Saturday, March 21, 2015


Here it is, the first full day of Spring. The ice here in New Hampshire is just beginning to melt, and I'm finally thawing out myself. The husky cough is almost gone, and I've started exercising my voice again. I expect that I will soon be recording the complete lyrics to When the Kids Are Gone.

And, of course, there are other projects in the works. I'm concentrating a lot of attention on my novel for young people, the first in a series of an indeterminate number of parts. And I'm working harder on my songs.

I'm also working harder on recording my songs. I'm in the process of setting up a better studio space, including a quieter, deader place to record vocals and acoustic guitar. And, as I mentioned last time, I have my new DAW to work with.

I'm planning on putting out an album, simply produced, of my recent songs, and making them available as both CD and downloads. If I get a good response from that, I may set up a crowd funding project for a more ambitious recording project. More about that if it starts looking viable.

And there will soon be more places to find me; I'll be trying out some of the other social media and music hosting sites to see if they actually increase my exposure enough to pay back the time I will need to invest in them. Stay tuned here for links.

One more thing before I retire for the night: there will be a new version of my Website launched before then end of the month. Also simply produced, but I hope more useful than the current version.

I'm excited about all the changes, and I hope the changes will give more people a chance to be excited about my work.

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