Monday, May 18, 2015

Another One-Day Song

I finally got the most recent one day song, Feeling My Oats, finished and recorded, and so here it is:

I'm not sure it's done; I might want to add another verse to it at some point, but I'm not going to worry about it right at the moment. I'm sitting down to write a song as my final project for songwriting class, and although I'm not ignoring all my other songs, that one takes precedence.

While you're on SoundCloud you might notice a couple of other tracks that I have not bothered to announce on this blog. These are just a couple of assignments for the class and not complete songs. If you're interested, you should listen to them soon because they will disappear after the class is over, about a week into June.

But don't fret; I like them enough that they will probably re-appear in the coming months as complete songs.

Meanwhile, a little note: if you really want to keep up on all the latest news, you should "like" my Facebook page, which gets all of my Twitter feeds, including all of my SoundCloud posts. I also will be posting news to my Facebook page that I don't put on Twitter.

If you're not on Facebook, or don't pay much attention to it, or have so many friends and likes that you're likely to miss my little announcements, then you can also sign up for email updates on the front page of my website. The email announcements won't be as frequent, timely, or thorough as the Facebook posts, but you're less likely to miss them as long as I don't get caught in your spam filters (which sound very painful).

If you're a SoundCloud member, you can always follow me there, but that will only get you the songs, and there's more than songs coming down the pipe. You can also follow me on Twitter, which is the second-freshest options next to Facebook.

And if you like my music, and whatever else I'm creating, I hope you'll take the time to share with your friends, family, and even passing strangers. As I've always said when acting on stage, I love to play to a full house.

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