Saturday, May 2, 2015


I've written two songs in just a little over two weeks, but between tweaking and all the little things that have prevented me from getting in front of the microphone, I just haven't been able to record my new songs.

Until today. Empty house, no noise to speak of, and an itch to get them done, and now they're on SoundCloud.

And since I posted the unfinished lyric to Always Here before, let me post the finished version:

When I was young
I lost my way
Traveling on a road that had no end.
But I found you
Along that road
And you’ve been walking by my side since then.

You’re ALWAYS HERE for me
As we wander through this life.
You're ALWAYS HERE for me
On a trek through space and time
I can always forge ahead
Because I have you near,
My life's complete because you're ALWAYS HERE.

The many years
I've walked with you
We've had our share of bumps along the path
But hand in hand
If we stay close
Together we can find our way at last.

And lest we think that we've arrived,
There's another destination, just as long as we're alive.

My songwriting assignment for Thursday is a verse and a chorus that meet certain criteria. Since I'm kind of on a roll, I've decided to try to write an entire song by that deadline.

Wish me luck, and keep an eye on me. And tell your friends.

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