Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Queue Is Full

One thing about taking a songwriting class is that it gets my juices flowing, but doesn't necessarily leave me a lot of time to finish songs (except for the one, due in about a week, that I have to finish as an assignment—yikes).

The result is that I have a lot of works in progress. Two, partial songs created for assignments, currently appear on my SoundCloud account.  And then there are a couple that I've been beating my head against for months. I suspect I will get a little done on some of these while I'm away camping this weekend, but I probably won't finish most of them until my current class, and possibly the next one, is over.

Wait, what? The next class? Yes, thanks to one of the students in the Coursera class, I found a class from FutureLearn and the University of Sheffield that seems to focus more on the musical aspects of songwriting, something I've felt constrained by for quite awhile now.

So some of these songs I have in the works might be awhile coming to fruition. But I hope when they do, they'll come accompanied by better tunes.

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