Monday, December 7, 2015

Too Long

It's been far too long since I produced any new music, and so I enrolled in Survey of Music Technology from Georgia Tech via Coursera for a second time to stimulate by juices a little. Here's my first assignment.

As I started to assemble it, a tune started coming to my mind, that matched a song idea I had awhile back, and so I think the two are going to get merged at some point, though probably after the holidays.

Even though I have been using Reaper for awhile now to record and process sound, I had forgotten how powerful it is, especially when combined with Earsketch, the development engine that allows Reaper users to programmatically generate and control audio and MIDI tracks.

If I can just stay at it, I should have a rather large number of new recordings coming out in the next few months. Some will be new songs and instrumentals, and some will be better recordings of my existing catalog.

I hope you'll like what you hear.