Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Still Here. Honest.

Okay. Mid-April passed, and so did mid-May, and nothing new to show you. Sorry about that. More health issues, and not just my own. But I'm better, everyone else is better, and I'm back to work. I reconfigured my workstation to make it easier to edit video and record music. I've decided to concentrate more time on arranging and recording my existing songs. Not more time than on writing, just more time than I have been.

I think I've been avoiding that because, in the field of arranging, I'm a complete beginner. But you have to start somewhere, right? And I'm lucky enough that, as this old dog tries to learn some new tricks, I have some amazing technology at my disposal. Not to mention access to the minds of a lot of people, via the Internet, with a lot more experience that there are (thank you so much) willing to share.

So, I'm back at it. Just today, I wrote out a prose version of a song I'm very excited about. It won't come quickly; it's a very complex topic and it cries to be done just right, but it's happening (though I think it's time for one or two one-day songs soon). I added a substantial amount to the book I'm writing. And, amazingly, I still like it.

Finding some quiet time to work on song recording is a bit of a challenge, but I have a lot of work to do with directly-connected instruments before I need to worry too much about outside noise.

So bear with me, let you friends know about the songs and books I already have out there (the books could use a little review love, since I have some flat-Earth stalkers trying to do in my ratings), and stand by. There's good stuff in the queue.