Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another New Video: "She Works So Hard"

Editing went well, and I have a new video on YouTube, the on-the-back-deck recording of one of my most recent songs, "She Works So Hard."

This one has a short recounting of the story of my Gibson acquisition tacked onto the front. The other two songs will be posted over the course of the next week.

This worked out well; I'm probably going to do it again. Since I will soon run out of my own songs that I know how to play with just the guitar and myself, and because it seems to increase exposure for musicians on YouTube, I will probably be recording some covers before too long.

There is a risk to this. If you record a song that is not approved for such situations, there is the possibility of a copyright strike. But I think I need to take this step, and I would appreciate feedback from anyone who's been down this road before.

Meanwhile, back to writing, arranging, and video editing.

And life, of course.

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