Monday, November 28, 2016

Wasted Day

I wasted a whole day of sunshine. Or, maybe not. It depends on how you look at it. I'm expecting cold, wet weather for the next three days, so I supposed that I should have been out in the rare sunshine working on the back deck to get it ready for the even colder wet weather to come. But I didn't do that.

In part it was because of an ambitious craft project that my wife and I are doing for the local library for the month of December. But mostly it was because I got inspired. I promised myself I would sit down and at least review a few of the songs and stories I've been slowly working on so that, when I had a bit more time during the foul weather in the week to come, I could get some serious work done.

And one of the songs spoke to me. I've had the lyrics for the first two verses for nearly a year, could see where the subject matter was headed for the bridge and the third verse (it's AABA form), but the lyrics just wouldn't come.

Today they started coming. Not in a big rush like the chorus to When the Kids Are Gone did, but enough that I opened the rhyming dictionary and starting listing potential rhymes, wrote a couple of really horrible lines that will eventually lead me to better ones, and flashed on a way to improve the music, substantially.

And the day's not over yet. Well, the sunshine is. No deck work today. But the juices are flowing and I think this is going to spill over into my other writing for the rest of the evening.

Damn, it feels good.

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