Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Broken Computer and Coming Changes

The Mac Mini that I normally use to update my website (and edit video and photographs and sound) had a dead hard drive. Well, not dead as in inaccessible, but dead as in unbootable no matter what I do, and so although I was able to get all of my data off the drive, I can't start up the computer. A new hard drive will be on its way soon, but I have had to use (shudder) my Windows machine for pretty much everything in the meantime.

This means finding a lot of substitutes for the software I normally use, and I'm not quite there yet. So revisions I have planned for my website just haven't happened yet. They won't have to wait for the Mac to come back to life (which will take awhile because I'm doing the installation myself), but it will have to wait until I have time to sit down and install Apache and PHP on the Windows machine so that I can actually test the changes to the site before I take them live.

I don't exactly know yet what the new sire will look like, but I know it will be simpler in design, more compact, and with any luck at all richer in content.

The other change is that this blog is going away. Soon. I will take some of the posts that I think are still relevant and import them into the blog Synapticality, but most of it is just not important to have online.

It's part of a grand scheme of consolidation. My all-too-popular blog, The Earth Is Not Flat will also go away, its content moved to a new website on a subdomain that I will announce on Synapticality and also on a couple of my Twitter accounts. The whole flat-Earth subject has taken far too much of my time of late, and rather than even try to maintain a blog about it, I'm going to set up the basic information in the website, updating if anything important comes to mind, without the tyranny of the chronological format, which makes it difficult to lead people to the most vital sections.

It won't happen overnight (nothing happens overnight at this point in my life), and some things will just disappear for awhile before they come back. I don't think they will be sorely missed, and I'm more interested now in what I'm planning for the future than in what I've done in the past.

Hope you'll keep up with me, though. It might be interesting. At least I hope so.